The best car rental platform for Airbnb. Empowering the community to go beyond just a house! Providing the Full Experience (a car and a house).

Aircnr is a people-to-people car rental platform where guests and hosts from the Airbnb community can enjoy the Full Experience when traveling (A car and a house). Hosts can list unique vehicles in Aircnr to complement their Airbnb listing which helps them become a better host, increases their ranking and generates more profits. Guests can finally rent out a car from the same trusty host/community and break free from the stress/inconveniences of going through a traditional car rental company.

Aircnr’s mission is to empower the Airbnb community to do more and go beyond just a house. We want all Airbnb house to have cars where hosts can generate more profits and guests can enjoy the full experience when renting a car.

Aircnr is a car sharing pltform that is a more effective, better, and a cheaper car rental alternative to companies such as Avis, Hertz, and Turo for the short term house rental community.

Aircnr strives to amplify the Airbnb community by giving more to everyone participating in it. We love Airbnb and believe in their mission. We believe that everyone within this community deserves more. Therefore, Aircnr will commit to provide the community with exceptional service alongside Airbnb.