Aircnr wants to empower the Airbnb hosts to do more and go beyond just a house. Our Airbnb inspired platform gives hosts the opportunity to generate more profits, become a better host, and increase their rankings by providing the best amenity (A car). Join the community NOW! Aircnr thrives to become the best car rental platform for the Airbnb community. 


Don't just offer a house with vague amenities. Be unique and stand out by giving your guests what they really want; a car! Be unique and offer your guest the freedom to cruise around the city. Offer your gest limitless experience. The Full Experience!


Connect your bank and get paid automatically. Earn rewards as you go and enjoy the benefits of Aircnr. Rewards go beyond just monetary incentives. We offer special marketing tool to all our host and more. We support over 135 + currencies. 


Aircnr is custom made for the Airbnb community. Same safe guest and host but with cars. With over seven verification systems you're listing will be safe in Aircnr. Everyone will be from the same community. An amplification to what is already good!


Make your Airbnb listing stand out by providing multiple cars and providing the full experience! Don't limit your Airbnb listing to just a house. Providing endless amenities does not make you unique. Give guests exactly what they want (A car) for the full experience. 



Unlike traditional rental-car companies (such as Hertz, Avis and Enterprise). Aircnr is transparent without hidden fees. All of the price breakdown will be available to you before you checkout. Make your guest feel comfortable not cheated. 


With Aircnr you can make money from insurance. We give all host the ability to make more money from their commercial vehicle insurance coverage. Basically, hosts can charge an insurance fee to help pay for their coverage and in turn make a margin/profit.