FAQ for the Hosts:

1. Are there any requirements to list my vehicle?

Yes, the basic requirments is that your vehicle must not be older than 10 years. We do not accept vehicles that have had a branded or salvage title before. 


2. Can anyone rent my vehicle?

Not everyone can rent your vehicle. For example, only 18 + can rent the vehicles at Airncr. All of our renters must go through a verification system that assures they have a valid license and can operate a vehicle/drive. We also collect different methods of verififications to assure that the community remains safe.  


3. Does Aircnr offer insurance?

Aircnr gives the hosts the ability to charge their guests an "insurance fee" with the intention to help pay for their monthly insurance rate. This is a temporary solution for insurance. However, currently Aircnr does not offer insurance and does not provides liability coverage for the vehicles listed in Aircnr's platfrom. All host (owners of the vehicle) must have insurance as required by law. Learn More...


4. What do I do about parking fee?

If you live in a condominium or appartment complex that charges additional for parking a vehicle you can add a "parking fee" to your car in order to help/facilitate the parking fee payments.Guests will be paying a one-time parking fee if applied to your listing. Keep in mind that this fee is set up to help assist with additional parking fee payments. 


5. How do I handle paying for gas?

We understand that you want to keep your gas full for your next guest. Therefore, we have set up a "refuel fee" in order to help/facilitate paying to refuel your gas tank. This is a one time payement done by the guest to help assist refueling the tank.


6. How do I handle cleaning my car?

You can set up a "cleaning fee" for your listing to help pay for cleaning your car after a trip. 


7. Can I review each request to book my car?

Yes, if you set your booking style to "Review each request" you can approve or decline each request to book your vehicle beforehand. However, we highly recommend setting your booking style as "Guest Book Instantly." You can approve or decline each request in the "Your Reservation" tab after a guest has booked your listing. You can review the guest's profile and see what kind of verifications he has set up. 


8. What happens in case of an accident?

In case of an unfortunate accident, please contact your (host) insurance provider immediately.Your commercial auto insurance provider will insure your accidents based on the package you purchased. To learn more about how insurance works in Aircnr, click here. To continue reading about what to do in case of an accident, click here. 


9. What if my car has a unique vehicle feature?

You can add any additional vehicle feautures to your listing and it will be displayed in that listing's details page for all guest to see. However, we already have the most common vehicle features up to date with individual icons that explain each feature. We highly recommend selecting all the features that are applicable to your listing only before adding any additional feautures. 


10. How can I link my car with my Airbnb?

In the "Airbnb Listing" tab of the "Manage Listings and Calendar" that can be found in the "Your Listing," you can add a Details Page URL. This is your Airbnb house and/or other OTA details page. Other guests can then be redirected to the URL you provided from the results page of your car. By doing this a guest can see the Airbnb house associated with the Aircnr car. This URL link can also be accessable from the Details page of your listing. We will provide functionalities where you can set up an Aircnr car in multiple Airbnb houses soon. 


11. How would I let my Airbnb guest know about my car?

You will leave instructions on where to access the key to your car for your guest by writing the instructions in the "Description" > "Guest access to they keys." You can also seperately message each individual guest; however that would be time consuming and we highly recommend providing instructions instead.


12. How does reviews work?

The day after the checkout date all guests will receive an invitation to write a review for your listing. This invitation will only be available for 14 days. If the guest does not submitt a review for your listing within those 14 days then it will be deleted from our data permenantly. After the guest writes a review for your listing it will be displayed in that listings details page and in your Profile Page. You may reply to the guests' review and it will also be shown in your listings details page. The review system is set up with the intention to create transparancy thorughout the website. Nonetheless, we do not tolerate spam, racial or bulgar comments. Please, keep the community safe, transparant and friendly.


13.How do I connect my bank account to receive direct payments?

Connecting to your bank account takes a few minutes only. Simply go to "Accounts" > "Payout Preference" and click on the "Add Payout Method" button to start the process. We will ask for your routing and account number so please have those ready ahead of time. 


14.Can I cancel my account at any moment?

Yes, you can cancel your account at any time in settings. There is a feedback form before you cancel your account. We understand we are not perfect and are trying our best every day to meet your expectations. We would highly value your honest feedback for why your leaving and let us always know how can we improve. Thank you.


15. What happens if I cancel my account?

By cancelling your account all of your listings will be deleted along with any previous and upcoming trips. All reviews and information about you will be deleted in our database. We can't revive accounts so please be sure before cancelling your account. Thank you.


16. How does Travel Credit Work?

Travel credit allows you to invite a friend to join the community. By doing so both you (the inviter) and your friend (the receiver) will be compensated with Travel Credits to use on your next trip. Learn More...


17. Can I connect my Aircnr profile to Airbnb's profile?

Yes, another method of verifyicantion in Aircnr is to provide your Airbnb Profile URL. By doing so, we can see where you come from and verify it so other users can know that you also have an account in Airbnb. We hope to successfully syncronize with Airbnb in the future. For now, this is a method to further integrate our communities. 


18. Can I edit my car photos, name, fees, etc?

Yes, you are able to edit your car photos, name, fees, and much more at any time by clicking on "Manage Listings and Calendar" in the "Your Listing" tab. 


19. Where do I review who booked my car?

You can review the guest who reviewed your car in the "Your Reservation" tab. In there you can see th guests name, profile, and even send a message. Once you have approved the request and the guest has made the payment you will also receive the guests phone number.  


20. When will I receive payment?

You will receive your payment at the end of the month. Updates, status, total amount, etc of the payment can be viewed in "Transaction History." 



FAQ for the Guest:

1. How do I verify my license? 

You verify your license by going through our very fast verification system where you have the option to upload an image of your license or use your webcam. The verification system will automatically be available for all new users. If you skipped this step you can always verify your license by going to the "Trust and Verification" and connect with the license. If you have not done either of the mentioned methods to verify your license, you will be required to verify your license at the checkout page before booking a vehicle. All guests that want to rent a vehicle will be required to veify their license before booking a vehicle in our platform. If you come accross any problems while trying to verify your license, please contact and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 


2. Can I drive if I'm under 18 years old?

No, all Aircnr users must be over 18 years of age or older.


3. How would I know I'm renting the car from the same Host?

You can click on the "Airbnb Verfiied" text on the Results/Details Page of the car you wish to rent to see what listing/host is associated with the car you are renting. Also, you can review the profile of the host and see if it matches the same information from the Airbnb host (name, last name, location, etc). Lastly, you can simply message the host asking whether he is the same host providing the car and the house. Nonetheless, our platform makes it simple to identify the host that has both an Airbnb house and an Aircnr car. 


4. Can I pay with my credit card?

Yes, you can pay with your credit card. We accept all major credit cards and currency payments in over 135 + currencies. You can set your default credit card by going to "Accounts" > "Payment Method" and click on the "add payment method." You can add multiple credit cards and set your prefered card as default. Nonetheless, all of the cards you have provided will be available to use in the checkout page. Simply select the card you wish to use for every payment. 


5. How would I have access to the vehicle?

All host have the option to let the guest know where to access the keys to the vehicle in the details page. Simply click on the "Read More..." on the "Summary" of a listings Details Page to read about the guest access to the keys. If the host has not provided that information, you can simply send them a message requesting to know that information. After the payment is successfully processed, guests will have the contact information of the host. You can also contact the host requesting to know where to access the keys prior to your arrival.


6. Can I drive the host vehicle anywhere, or is there a limitation?

The car should not have any limitations. However, hosts can set "Car Rules" that may include limitations on where the car can and can't be driven (beach, mountain, etc). Please, make sure to carefully read all information provided about the listing in the details page. Nonetheless, if you have any questions about the listing and/or limitations on the vehicle, simply contact the host. 


7. Can I rent a car from a different host?

For now Aircnr does not offer the functionality to connect cars that are associated with a different Airbnb house/host. Therefore, renting a car from a different host can be problematic but not difficult. Simply contact the host that is providing the car and arrange for the pick-up and drop-off locations. Keep in mind, that Aircnr wishes to remove the pick-up and drop-off inconvinience by renting the car and the house from the same host. If decided to rent from different host, then it will be outside of our scope and up to the guest and hosts collaboration. Nonetheless, this is a functionality that we are working on and is coming soon. 


8. How can I cancel my trip?

You can cancel your trip by going to "Your Trip" and clicking on the "Cancel Reservation" red text. Please carefully read the Cancellation Policy your host has selected for the car you have rented. There are different fees and deadlines based on the Cancellation Policy your hosts selected. You can learn more about the different fees and deadlines associated with each Cancellation Policy here.


9. Do I get my money back if I cancel my trip?

Yes, you can get your money back if you cancel your trip. However, there are different refund amounts based on the Cancelation Policy selected by the host and based on the date you have canceled. Please, carefully read and review the Cancellation Policy selected the host. You can learn more about the different fees and deadlines associated with each Cancellation Policy here.


10. Can someone else drive the car even though they didn't verify their license?

No, this community is based on trust, safety, transparancy and respect in order to create a friendly environment. Therefore, all guests that will be driving the vehicle must have an Aircnr account and get their licensed verified through our verification system. There is no sharing of accounts so it is not possible for a user who has verified their license to drive another users rented vehicle. Please, be respectful of the terms set to protect the community. We appriciate your collaboration. Thank you. 


11. What happens if I crash the car?

In case of an accident, first, contact first responders, the police (911). Take pictures of the accident, damage, or situation of the vehicle. Then contact your host (owner of the vehicle) and explain the situation with the images so that they can file a claim with their insurance company. In case an accident happens before the end of the trip, if applicable, your host insurance policy should have a temporary rental vehicle while the damaged vehicle is on repairs. If so, contact your host for a possibility of completing the trip with the rental vehicle. If not, your money will be lost and refunds of any type will not be applicable. 


12. Am I responsible for a car accident, how does insurance work in Aircnr?

Please drive safely and make sure to follow the law at all times. However, as a guest you are not liable in case of an accident. The host comercial auto insurance provider is responsible for covering the damages to the vehicle (based on the host's comercial auto insurance policy). In order to help facilitate the monthly rate of paying for commercial auto insurance, hosts can charge a small insurance fee to the guest. However, this fee is only to help facilitate payment for the host. Regardless, please drive safe at all time. Thank you. 


13. Who pays for gas?

Durign the trip you (the guest) are responsible for paying for gas. Please, only refuel the tank with the gas designated for the vehicle provided in the details page. If unsuitable fuel is added, then you will be responsible for all reasonable expenses incurred by us in the repair of any damages that may be cause to the vehicle. You can know which gas is applicable to the vehicle by simply hooovering over the gas icon in the vehicle details page. The host may apply a refuel fee that will help cover the expenses to refuel the tank for the next guest. Therefore, there are no requirments to refuel the gas when returning it (unless negotiated personally with the host).


14. Do I have to clean the car?

No, you don't have to clean the car. The host may apply a cleaning fee that will help cover the cost of cleaning the vehicle. THerefore, there is no requirements to return the car clean. Nonetheless, please be kind and return the car as clean as you possibly can. Do not dirty the car and always read the "Car Rules" of the car you rent before driving it. 


15. When and where do I return the vehicle?

Aircnr business model consist of removing the picking-up and droping-off inconviniences. Simply use an Uber or a Taxi from the airport (or original location) to your Airbnb house where the Aircnr car will be waiting. You can read about the parking instructions to locate the vehicle if specified in the details page. At the end of your trip, leave the car exactly on the same location you found the car (unless the host specifies otherwise) and take an Uber or Taxi back to the airport (or original location). By doing this the guest and host do not have to worry about picking-up or dropping-off the vehicle in any inconvinient location. 


16. What happens if I return the car late?

There will be a lot of inconviniences if you return the car late. Your host can loose money in the process and is very undisirable. Please, kindly refrain from returning the vehicle late. If by any chance you will return the vehicle late, please contact your host immediately to let them know in advance. You should have the host phone number in the "Your Trip" tab. Either message or call the host as soon as possible to let them know you will be late. Nonetheless, returning the behicle is very inconvinient can can result in your account being locked. 


17. What happens if I scratch or damage the car?

You are required to return the vehicle to the host in the same condition s it was at the start of the Hire Period (fair wear and tear excepted). If it is returned to the host in a dirty or messy and/or damaged condition to the extent that it will require specialist cleaning and/or repair before it can be rented to the next customer, then you will be liable for the special cleaning/valet charge described in the Tariff Guide and/or to pay the sums set out. Therefore, please kindly take good care of the vehicle when driving. Thank you.


18. When will I know the host approved my reservation?

Once the host accepts your request a "Book Now" butto will appear in the "Your Trip" tab on the reservation you requested section. Click on the "Book Now" button and proceed to the checkout to finilize payment. If the host declines the request, you can see it the past reservations of the "Your Trip" tab. 



We understand that we are not a perfect company yet. Every day we are trying our best to meet your expectation and facilitate "The Full Experience," through Aircnr. If there are any questions, comments, feedback and/or bug you want to let us know about please send us an email at and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We highly appriciate your collaboration, patience and benevolence. Thank you very much.