Aircnr thrives every day to become the best car rental company for the Airbnb, VRBO/HomeAway, and other short term house rental platforms. We wish to give back to the community by giving all hosts the opportunity to become a better host, increase their rankings and generate more profits while providing their guests with "The Full Experience." Aircnr goal is to become the best car sharing platform for renting a car as well as making money with your car. There are many reasons why you should host in Aircnr and why we are better than traditional car rental companies such as: Hertz, Avis, Enterprise, etc and better than other peer-to-peer based companies such as: Turo and Getaround. Below are the major reasons why we are better and how we plan to properly give back to the community while climbing the ladder to becoming the best car rental company. 



Aircnr was created with the intention to perfectly complement the Airbnb community (and other OTA). We try and will continue to try our very best to amplify the community by providing all memebers of the community "The Full Experience." Nonetheless, below are some reasons why we are better than other peer-to-peer companies such as:Turo and Getaround. 

Share Economy Approach: Turo mainly competes with traditional car rental companies by stealing shares directly from the airport. Although they have a delivery system (which accrues additional expenses); their business model does not provide the car in the Airbnb house. There is a delivery and location problem when using Turo. This means that Turo is a share economy-based car-rental company but inadequate for the Airbnb community/share economy vacation rental platforms. Aside that Aircnr is made specifically to complement the Airbnb community/vacation rental platforms, here are some other reasons why we are better: 

1. No Delivery Problem: Turo places their hosts last and requires them to accrue additional expense and time delivering/picking-up the vehicle. There are also many inconveniences associated with delivery/picking up (delays, traffic, confusion with the designated delivery location, etc). The delivery problem is huge since no host or guest wants to waste time and money accommodating for the delivery of a vehicle. Aircnr offers a solution to the delivery problem and does not require the guest/host to accrue additional expense or time; no delivery problem. The Aircnr car will be parked in the Airbnb house, meaning the hosts does not delivers/pickup and the guest simply takes a taxi or Uber from the airport to their Airbnb house where their Aircnr car will be waiting. The guest will then leave the car exactly where the host originally left it (Airbnb house) and simply take a taxi or Uber back to the Airport. Our platform is specifically designed to associate every Aircnr car with an Airbnb (or any other vacation rental platform house).

2. Rent by Night: Turo’s platform rents the car by the hour. This is a huge inconvenience for all Airbnb guests since they are renting their house by the night; not the hour. This means that guests can’t rely on Turo to provide a car on their trip since no guest wants to pay for the hours they are not using the car and don’t want to go through the delivery problem multiple times throughout the day. Turo is not compatible with Airbnb or any vacation rental platform; therefore, most to all Turo’s guests are not Airbnb related. Aircnr not only rents by the night, but also connects with Airbnb/other vacation rental platforms, has identical calendars to synchronize listings (house and a car) and the platform is identical to Airbnb.

3. Connect with Airbnb/vacation rental platforms: Turo is its own company trying to compete traditionally instead of supporting the community. We love Airbnb and embrace their mission. We wish to give more to the community and empower everyone to go beyond just a house. This is the reason our platform has functionalities to connect with Airbnb. One, hosts can verify their account to show guests they are from the Airbnb community. Two, hosts can also match all their Aircnr car to their associated Airbnb house, providing an easy indication for the guest to identify the car and the house they will be renting. Although not affiliated officially with Airbnb we wish to eventually partner up with Airbnb to provide the best customer journey possible to the community. Other vacation rental platform connectivity and verifications is currently underdevelopment to further merge the house/car rental process.  

4. Identical Platforms: Although Turo’s platform has some similar functionalities as Airbnb, they are very different platforms in terms of functionalities and design. This inconsistency can discourage hosts and guests from using Turo. Although not the same, our platform is identical to Airbnb. This means that everything a guest or hosts knows about Airbnb’s platform is also applicable in ours, making it very easy to recognize and navigate through Aircnr. We make difficult applications (such as: setting up a bank account, credit cards, payment/transaction history, reservations, etc) very easy and similar to Airbnb in order to facilitate the user experience since they are already familiar with the platform.  

5. Identical Calendars: Turo’s calendar is very different from Airbnbs’ and is by the hour. This means that it is very difficult to synchronize both listings (house and car) and have synergy in reservations. Aircnr’s calendar contains all major functionalities of Airbnb’s calendar making it very easy to synchronize the Airbnb house to the Aircnr car.

6. Market Niche: Turo does not pertain to the Airbnb community. They market to anyone. This means that guests and hosts are completely unrelated and can be risky. Aircnr markets to the Airbnb community. This indicates that the same trusty hosts, from the Airbnb community, is lending out their car to the same reliable guest, who is also from the Airbnb community. By having a strong market niche, we have extra layers of security and safety aside our own verifications/EVS security systems that keep the platform safe and free of fake accounts. Unlike Turo, Aircnr amplifies the Airbnb community and amplifies the safety and security associated with it.

7. Interactive Platform: Aircnr’s platform is interactive. This means that we have special features that make both the guest and host journey extremely easy and enjoyable. Our platform interacts with guests to provide more details and make the checkout process much easier, smoother and faster. Navigating through our platform is much easier than any other car rental platforms.

8. Cheaper: Turo typically charges 25% - 40% fee. We support the community and will charge less in order to help everyone participating in the same community.  

9. On Stand-by Marketing Team: We have a marketing team that is on stand-by; ready to provide all our hosts with marketing materials and advice in order to help maximize their Aircnr listing while providing their guest with the Full Experience. We will also be establishing partnerships with educators to better equip them with the resources and techniques available to help hosts take full advantage of this golden opportunity. 

10. Add Real Value: Turo is only focused in competing with traditional car rental companies in the hopes to steal market share and generate profits. In the other hand, Aircnr is focusing in adding real value and giving back to the community. Aircnr’s mission is to empower the Airbnb community to do more and go beyond just a house. We want all Airbnb houses to have cars where hosts can generate more profits (from their Aircnr listing) and guests can enjoy the full experience when traveling. 

11. Hosts can make money from insurance: For a limited time only, hosts can make money from insurance in our platform. We give all hosts the opportunity to charge their guest an "insurance fee" to help with the monthly rate of their commercial insurance policy. By doing so, hosts can make a profit from insurance. Although we give the hosts the ability to charge an "insurance fee," it is only a temporary solution and insurance will be implemented in our platform soon.




Traditional car companies continue to inflate their prices, provide old/bad quality cars while containing many inconviniences (hidden fees, long lines, mountain of paperwork, etc). Aircnr wants to privde the community with diversity, safe, new cars (and more) while creating transparancy. Below are some reasons why we are better than traditional car rental companies:

1. Cheaper/Better: Traditional car rental companies have monopolized the industry which allows them to inflate the prices. Similar to Airbnb, we allow the market hand to find an equilibrium which in turn makes the prices much cheaper than going through a traditional car rental company, making us a cheap car rental alternative. 

2. Diversity: Traditional car rental companies focus on establishing an effective fleet. This means that they are not preoccupied with diversity; rather cost-effective vehicles that are outdated, boring and in bad conditions. Their fleets are mainly composed of a small variety of economic vehicles that are cheap to maintain. Aircnr hosts are focused on providing the Full Experience and accommodating guests with a reliable car. This means that our platform will have a large variety of beautiful, new and robust cars available to the community.

3. No long lines: Most people are exhausted after a trip and are required to wait long lines in the airport to rent a car. However, through Aircnr, guests simply book their desired car through our very easy-to-navigate interactive website and then take a taxi or Uber to their Airbnb house where their Aircnr car will be waiting for them. No long lines and hassle free.

4. No mountains of paperwork: At the airport all renters are required to provide and fill out endless amount of paperwork after an exhausting trip. However, Aircnr platform makes all of these process hassle free and easy. We have integrated EVS (Electronic Verification System) which allows guests to easily provide all of their information and get verified before renting a car in minutes. Creating safety while keeping it easy, fast and hassle free.

5. No hidden fees: Unlike traditional car rental companies all of the fees associated with renting a car is clearly laid out to everyone. There are no hidden fees and all payments are very transparent. Hidden fees are one of the biggest problems/complaints of going through a traditional car rental company. We remove this worry and create transparency like no other car rental company.

6. Get what you rent: Traditional car rental companies don’t offer descriptive details about the car they offer or even accurate photos. Aircnr’s details page contains intensive amount of information about the listing provided by the hosts with clear photos so that all guest become aware of the vehicle they rent. We even have interactive icons that further provide the guests with information about the listing they are interested on. This is essential, because we want all guests to know exactly what they rent.  

7. Inconvenient pickup/drop-off: Traditional car rental companies are very strict on their pick up and drop off time. They also make it very inconvenient because most are located in airports which can cause confliction with the renter’s flight. For example, a renter may have to fly at 9:00pm but has to return the car at 3:00pm and becomes idle for 6 hours. Aircnr has no delivery problem. This means that when the guests checks out from their Airbnb house, they will also be checking out from their Aircnr car. No inconvenient drop-off or pick up locations. Guests simply take a taxi or Uber from the airport to their Airbnb house where their Aircnr car will be waiting for them. Then, they will do the same when its time to check out. Removing all the inconvenience and hassle of renting a car.

8. Bad car conditions: Traditional car companies are often not well maintained; rather stored in a parking lot waiting for the next customer. However, Aircnr’s cars are owned by caring hosts whom will provide their next guest with an exceptional experience. Most traditional car rental companies are in bad conditions whereas Aircnr cars are well maintained and in perfect condition for the next guest.  


Aircnr will continue to improve their services and make sure to provide all hosts/guests with a unique experience that surpasses all other competitors. We will continue to develop our platform to further facilitate the process of renting a car, create more transparency and establish a community of safety and trust. If you have any questions, comments or feedback please send us a message at support@aircnr.com. Thank you very much