Appia Dashboard Developed in C#, MS Tapi, Cisco TSP, SQL Server 2005 and Windows Services

This is the main page and from this page registered user can login. New users can registered through "New User? Click to Register",
user name and password can be saved by the registered person. User can easily change the settings from "My Current Settings",
user can select any option of Application from the tabs.
Register New User

New user can get registered from the above screen by providing the First, last name, password, hint Question etc. User will enter the common web links which will be visible
on "Quick Links" tab
The "Display Name" will be the name of links and under "Link" user will type URL of site.
In Application tab user can add the common Application, user can drag and drop file or browse through file button, these files can be opened from "Quick links" tab.
Speed dial number will use in switch board tab in the list box. Here user can add or delete the Speed dials number with display name.
Forgot Password

You can reset the password from "forgot password" link. A popup window will show the secret question which was being entered at the time of registration. User can answer the question and "Submit".
If "Secret answer" matches with the answer supplied by the user at the time of registration then form will expand, enable the user to enter a new password
Confirmation Message will appear for the reset password.
Switch Board

This is the part where user can perform "Calls" related to activities through Cisco call manager. User can make any call on new number or from speed dial list. A person can utilize this service either from a speed dial or any new number by "Enter a number to dial". This entry will save in log database. User can also dial a call from log area. Application maintain three type of log

Received Calls
Dialed Calls
Missed Calls

While making a call user can add the prefix which he managed in "Manage dashboard" area at time of registration or later after login. User can also delete any specific or all logs from any category.

In this tab user can make conference call with more than one user.

In this tab, Application extracts all the emails from Inbox, Outbox and Sent Item etc. User can open the message from here.

Under this tab, Application will get all the contacts from Outlook and allow the user to make call on any of contact's numbers i.e. office, Mobile and Home. Here user can attach dialing prefix from options.
Quick Links

From this tab user can directly open the My Document folder. User can open his favorite and most active applications. User can open the favorite websites as well.

In this tab User can
Go to online help links
Can manage his dashboard
Can change the status (Can be change before login)
Change My Status

When user click on "Change My Status" from help tab, this from will lead the change in the "status".
Manage Dashboard

User can manage his dashboard after login. He can change his personal information, phone numbers, prefixes, Web links, Application links and speed dial information.
Change Password

User can change password from Help  Manage dashboard. For this, user has to provide old password and then enter new.
Delete Users

Only administrator can delete the users. When ever admin log-in and come to manage dashboard, he can see the "Delete User" Button
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