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Our #1 focus is your

Patients and the Growth
of your Practice

Gone are the days of spreading the word via newspaper ads, yellow pages or the old-fashioned banners outside your building. In this age of search engines and social media we help Doctors, Dentists & other Healthcare Professionals attract new patients, build loyalty with existing patients, and improve overall online patient experience.

How we can help

You with your Private

We offer all in one medical marketing and web development services to grow your practice. Our strategies and insights are constructed by Doctors for Doctors. At cloudmarketingsolutions, the efforts go above and beyond conventional marketing to truly help maximize your online and offline presence while capitalizing on identified opportunities. Our goal is to understand the uniqueness of your medical practice and tailor our services to fit those demands.

Our Focus

Build, Grow, Maintain, Conquer

Your Brand

Your practice is your brand and it is more than a logo, a website or business cards. It is a relationship between your practice and the patient. Many healthcare professionals ignore the importance of their brand and how it’s represented to the public. This is a huge mistake.

One of our proven practice growth strategies is to ensure that your practice is influential, educational, and visible. Our services seek to make your practice memorable to patients. We focus on your patients, and their needs, in order to create a self-promoting brand which your patients can relate to, trust and stay loyal.

Online Presence of
Your Practice

Strong online presence is crucial for an activehealthcare professional, consider it as another location for your office. According to research about 98% of the patient population uses search enginesfor health-related searches and to book an appointment.So, the most important question is, can your patients find you on google?

Here’s how we aspire to give your practice visibility!!!

Here's how we aspire to give your practice visibility

Build A Website &
SEO Services

During the initial discovery phase, we will perform market analysis and learn about your patient population as well as your goals.Which will then help you decide the functionality of much needed private practice website. Additionally, we will optimize your website withrequired SEO services. The SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is now a necessary tool that will distinguish you from other practices and lead potential patients to your website. Heightened visibility will help your ranking on google, patients will easily write raving reviews about you, and be encouraged to book an appointment.

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Content Writing, White Papers
and Blog Management

One of the main reasons why patients choose one medical practice over the other is because they feel connected.Providing your patients with necessary medical information via articles and blogs, will help develop a strong connection with your practice for existing patients and potential new patients surfing the web.

Content and Blog Management Services are aimed to make an impact on your patients and build reliability. Over time it will make you an authority and more likely to be trusted over others.

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Reputation Management
(Patient Reviews)

It goes without saying that a medical providers reputation is essential to the growth of his/her practice. What your patients say about your practice online determines whether you gain more patients or lose a few. Bad ratings and reviews both online and offline can impede on the success of your private practice.
Ourservices are specifically designed for doctors, dentists, and healthcare professionals and ensures your reputation is attractive and clean. With positive reviews and ratings from existing patients, we will help you attract new patients. As a bonus, you increased value and trust in your practice.

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Pay Per Click Advertising

Compelling data has shown that even with SEO, new websites can take time before they rank well on search engine result pages (SERPs). Also, some forms of advertising such as social media can be costly for some. In situations like these, we believe that Pay Per Click (PPC) will put your brand in front of the right audience. PPC is a fascinating marketing strategy where you pay publisher each time someone clicks on your advert. We offer this service to ensure that your website receives maximum visits. This will ultimately increase the chances of gaining new patients.

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Social Media Management
& Advertising

As of today, a third of all Americans say that social media is where they learn about new products, places, and businesses. While private practices are not keen on making a mark on social media, we believe that it is important to make sure that your presence on social media is alive and felt by your patients.
We have social media management services that will bring your brand closer to your patients. Because social media is personalized, we go the extra mile to ensure that your practice gets noticed and viewed by the correct audience. With our management services, you will have people interacting with you online in no time.

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