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The staff and affiliates of our Company have successfully worked with a variety of corporations solving their information technology, systems, and business problems (see Case Studies).
As a low cost, full service IT Solutions provider, we provide IT consulting services on a staff supplementation or project basis. As a Solutions and Services provider, LEADconcept provides enterprise information architecture, project managed information systems and technology support, Internet and Intranet applications development, outsourcing support for IT operations, and computing equipment procurement, and maintenance. (See Services for more detail).
LEADconcept is dedicated to serving the individual needs of our customers through personalized attention, flexibility, reliable service and innovative solutions. A continual focus on improving customer satisfaction and a steadfast dedication to improving your business are the standards that ensure LEADconcept will be your most valuable business partner.
Please contact us and find out more about LEADconcept and how we can help you in your e-business!