Atrain Assessment & Training (ASP.NET/MSSQL/WPF)
Login Screen

Enter User Name and Password for Login. If you forgot your password you can reset your password by clicking on LOST YOUR PASSWORD? link.
Fill the form to renew your password.
Welcome Page

At home page click on Administrative Button.
Administrative Page

At administrative page links only Create User work now. You can check its functionality.
Enter Participant and Observer

At Administrative Page Enter Participant and Observer follow this link for add new entries of Observer and Participant. Note: Add your entries in showing grid then press save button for saving the record.
Manage User

Mange User follows this page for users record update and delete.
My Account Page

On Click at My Account Button this window will be show and the both links are work properly and there we also add the Language section.
 My Profile

My Profile will show this.
 Change Password

Change Password will show this.
Import / Export

Import/Export menu page have file page links in which first four are working fine.
Import Observer and Participants

Load Observer and Participant page have import name button for import the record from csv file.
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