History of LEADconcept

LEADconcept, a premier software and web development company in USA, was established in 2003 under the visionary leadership of Mr. Yasir Khurshid. His mission was to assemble a top-tier team of professionals under one roof, dedicated to delivering top-notch IT services marked by excellence and quality.

Over the past two decades, LEADconcept has achieved immense success by delivering hundreds of successful projects successfully and cultivating a loyal clientele.

Management style reflects the participation and suggestions of all staff members. Our Management Philosophy is based on Self-Motivation, responsibility and Mutual Respect.

LEADconcept was established

By a team of self-motivated. and vibrant individuals who anticipated the impact of technology on global business. Their positive and constructive attitude fueled the collaborative approach to everyday challenges. From day one, our formula for success was simple.

We combined proven methodologies and best practices with a streamlined, cost-efficient delivery model to take on the day-to-day IT services work required by global outsourcers and customers.Hence information management technology has been enabling the folks in corporate with the recent trends of innovation and globalization.

When the team outgrows

Individual performance and learns Our integrated efforts and vision combined with the practice of perfection led us to success and constantly growing credibility. Team confidence, excellence becomes a reality.

Our primary motive is to add the most potential clients in our crew to cater the mutual benefits altogether.

Hence information management technologies for us are not small, poorly integrated, operations that were hastily built and retro-fitted - they have been the core of our business model - from the day we were founded.

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