We have been following the considerable prices from our customer's perspective in order to generate the mutual understanding in a professional arena. Our pricing model varies from project to project according to the assessed requirements. However, the basic pricing format is evenly applicable in every project. We provide three different suitable pricing alternatives mentioned as follows.

  • Full Time Dedicated Developers/Fix Monthly Rate

  • Fixed Price

  • Time and Material (T&M)

Full Time Dedicated Developers/Fix Monthly Rate

We offer monthly fixed rate/dedicated developer. The monthly rate remains the same for different skill sets such as System Analysis, Project Management, User Interface, Programming, testing, and Database specialist.


  • Budget predictability and IP ownership

  • Extremely flexible- provides all development life cycles

  • Caters individual required elements e.g. Analysis, Programming etc.

  • Devoted and co-operative team

  • Cost-effective

  • Client centered managerial supervision

  • Client's involvement and satisfaction remains superior

Fixed price

  • Fixed price

  • Set scope

  • Identified and clear requirements. (It is identical to the past completed projects. Detailed analysis and application design already concluded)

  • Project Management, User Interface Design, Development, Quality Testing. No project Analysis. (Please see above point)

  • IP (Intellectual Property) rights reserved if designed by the company but the software can be used by all means


  • Minimum risk

  • Advance fiscal probability

  • Clarity in all aspects

  • Highly flexible

  • Cost-effective

  • Client's desired control over the implementation

Time and Material

  • Fixed standard rate- X$/hr - irrespective of resource used

  • Follows distinctive SDLC timeline for Analysis, Project Management, User Interface, Coding, Testing etc.

  • Assures client's involvement

  • Idyllic for small and task oriented projects

  • Enabled Client's access to IP

  • Feasible rates as compared to fixed model

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