Care Touch Center Using Vb.NET for Touch Screens and Tablet Pc
Picture: 1
Login Screen:
You have to enter your Login and Password of the particular user.
Picture: 2
Main Screen:
This is the main screen of Care Touch, to select any event from the screen you will click "select any child event" from the main Panel.
Picture: 2a
Main Child Care Panel: In this screen, first you have to select year and then make model which is shown above.
Picture: 2b
Baby Bottle Feeder Event
: Here you can select the liquid volume by selected any level from the feeder image. You can put any kind of liquid or juice from the selection box and add in this bottle.
Picture: 3a
Meal Jar Event1: Setting Jar level to half for some vegetable meal.
Picture: 4a
Meal Jar Event1:Setting Jar level to half for some vegetable meal.
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