ClickStar Desktop Application

The ClickStar application is a standalone, Windows desktop application that is part of the larger ClickStar project. ClickStar is a new software application that significantly enhances the current manually intensive and functionally limited processes of navigating websites, electronic documents and related electronic devices. The ClickStar software application will permit Computers users and the general public to better navigate a website, document or device with reduced mouse clicks and increased functionality. The ClickStar application enhances the user's applications so the amount of clicks required to navigate a computer is significantly reduced (the Mouse Monitoring Module will track and plot this reduction).

Following are the Images of the Click Star Application major screens.
Screen Shot : 1
This is the main screen of ClickStar, to select an event click on it.
Screen Shot : 2
New Gesture:
To create a new Gesture Select a type from the menu.
Screen Shot : 3
ClickStar Editor:
ClickStar screen with an Editor to seamlessly configure trigger pattern, using the exisiting predefined library or make custome triggers.
Screen Shot : 4
Gestures List:
.ClickStar has a list of predefined gestures which can be customized further.
Screen Shot : 5
Editor Panel:
ClickStar Editor with the Z pattern drawn.
Screen Shot : 6
Right Click Menu:
Right click Menu can povide user with the options to change the properties, see the help if needed and add the gesture to the favourites for frequent use.
Screen Shot : 7
Properties Window:
URL Replacement Properties for customizing gesture.
Screen Shot : 8
Add a Favorite:
Add to favorite screen shot. To access more frequently used gestures, type name and click Add.
Screen Shot : 9
Loading and Using a Favorite:
Click Favorites to load saved Favorite gestures. Click Use or Delete to use or delete the gesture. Click Use and Save the gesture.
Screen Shot : 10
Gesture In action:
While the ClickStar is running, open in Internet Explorer and search Yahoo. Move the mouse over Z gesture in Z shape, will be loaded.
Screen Shot : 11 
 Gesture In Action::
Loading page Yahoo.
Screen Shot : 12
Updating the Application: To check for Update click Help and click Update.
Screen Shot : 13
Updating the Application: Progress bar for update action
Screen Shot : 14
Update Screen Shots : If newer version found dialogue will appear. After downloading system will ask for installations. Click Yes.
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