Easy Master Using Vb.NET 2005, ADO.Net, SQL Server 2005

For a School (Language Center and Training Institute)

Screen Shot : 1
Login Screen:
You have to enter your Login and Password of the Particular User and select User's Role.
Screen Shot : 2
Add New User Screen:
Use this Screen to Add New User.
Screen Shot : 3
Update Password Screen:
You can change Password of User by using above Screen.
Screen Shot : 4
Main Screen:
This is the Main Screen of Easy Master, You can Access all the Features from this screen.

Screen Shot : 5
Placeement Screen
: In this Screen, You can Access and Manipulate the Students Record. 

Screen Shot : 6
Title Screen
: In this Screen, You can Access and Manipulate the Title according to the Member. 

Screen Shot: 7
Enrollment Screen
: Use this Screen to Register the Student in Specific Course Register.


Screen Shot : 8
Register Screen: This Screen contains information of all Courses that are in Progress. You can Access and Handle the details
about Course's Registers, Student in Registers, Activity of Students, Instructors assigns to Registers, Timings and Schedule for Course.


Screen Shot : 9
Course Screen : Use this screen to Manage your Courses. You can View , Create , Edit or Delete Courses in this Screen.


Screen Shot : 10
Register - Course Slot Screen:
You can Access and Manipulate Registers against available Courses, shown in above Screen.

Screen Shot : 11
Time Slot Screen :
Use this Screen to View , Create or Delete the Time Slot of Specific day.
Screen Shot : 12
Schedular Screen :
From this Screen, you can Create , View , Edit or Delete Schedule of a Particular Course Register.
Screen Shot : 13
Swap Instructor Screen:
You can use the Swap Instructor screen to switch one or more Teachers between Registers.
Screen Shot : 14
Class Room Screen:
This Screen allows You to Create or Delete Class Rooms as well as Edit the existing Class Room capacity.
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