Mouse Monitor Desktop Application

The Mouse Monitoring Module is part of the larger ClickStar Project. One of the main benefits of the ClickStar application is in the reduction of mouse clicks. The Mouse Monitoring Module will quantify this reduction by recording and displaying mouse usage. The Mouse Monitoring Module will track, display and store data on the usage of the mouse or similar pointing device. It will also display, store and/or play selected multimedia messages downloaded from the website. Mouse Monitor Application can count the and keep track of of all the Mouse related activities and can generate reports and graphs in the basis of the year and month. It has a Media player which has the capability of displaying text, pdf, word, audio and video contents.

Following are some of the screen shots from the major screens of the Mouse Monitor Application.
Screen Shot : 1
Main Screen:
This is the main screen of MouseMonitor, to select an event click on it.
Screen Shot : 2
Download New Message:
To download new message(s) click "Download New Message" Button.
Screen Shot : 3
Download New Message:
Display a Download New Message window with progress bar.
Screen Shot : 4
Opening the Message:
Downloaded messages will be shown as list left to the Download New Message button. To open a message double click it in the list, it
will show the contents of the file in the main screen. If the message is audio/video it will be automatically played. See Picture 5 with Water lilies.jpg message opened.
Screen Shot : 5
Running MouseMonitor in Stealth Mode Stealth Mode is an advanced feature of MouseMonitor in which MouseMonitor runs in background when you close it.
To apply this feature follow the following steps and screen shots.

STEP 1: Click Advance Settings button. Advance Settings window will appear.
STEP 2: Click Stealth Window Setup button. See Picture 6. It will show Stealth Window Setup window.
Screen Shot : 6
Stealth Setup : Check (click) Turn On Stealth Mode. Type User Name, Password and Retype Password.
Screen Shot: 7
SHOWING MouseMonitor
: To enable Stealth Mode Enter "User Name & Password"...
Screen Shot: 8
Getting Reports
: For report click Reports button on main screen of MouseMonitor. You will see the screen shot 8.
Now click a button for your desire report for example Mouse Left Click.
Screen Shot: 9
: Mouse Left Click report screen shot.
Screen Shot: 10
Showing Graph
: For graph click Graphs button on main screen of MouseMonitor. You will see the screen shot 10.
Now click a button for your desire graph for example Mouse Left Click.
Screen Shot: 9
: Mouse Left Click graph screen shot.
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