MVP(Motor Vehicle Pro) Developed in Vb.NET, ADO.Net, SQL Server 2000

Screen Shot : 1
Startup Screen:
This is the startup screen of Motor Vehicle Pro(MVP).
Screen Shot : 2
Main Screen:
This is the Main Screen of Motor Vehicle Pro. You can Access all the Modules from this screen.
Screen Shot : 3
POS Screen:
The Point Of Sale (POS) screen allows you make nearly all type of business transaction, it easy to write Estimates, Work Orders purchase order,
sale invoice and other transactions.
Screen Shot : 4
Sales Standard Screen:
In this Screen, you can complete the Point of Sale information for your company according to your standards.POS is very flexible.
Screen Shot : 5
Banking Profile Screen : This screen shows a list of tranasaction that can be handled at POS. 
Screen Shot : 6
Bank Account Profile Screen : In this Screen, "Bank Profile" you can assign a code to each of your bank accounts. "Bank Account." means If you have several accounts
at one bank you will need to create a "Bank Profile" for each account.
Screen Shot: 7
BankingWells Screen
: In this Screen, you can add and make changes agaist Your bank transactions. All the payroll and vendor checks atuomaticaly bring into this
screen and you can make checks, void transactions, do bank addjustments and other transaction here.
Screen Shot : 8
Customer Profile Screen:
In this Screen, you can create, edit and view customer profiles.
Screen Shot : 9
Employee Profile Screen :
In this Screen, you can manage the employees record. there deductions, hourly and salaried rates, Vaction schedule/policy etc.
Screen Shot : 10
Technician Profile Screen :
In the "Technician Profile" Screen, you can assign a Code number to each of your technicians.
Screen Shot : 11
Vendor Profile Screen:
The "Vendor Profile" will keep track of your "Vendors" and all information relating to them.
Screen Shot : 12
Vehicle Profile Screen:
You can create the "Vehicle Profiles" using above Screen.
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