12 Jun, 2023

5 Best Remote Working Tools and Resources for Software Houses

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The year 2020 recorded an unprecedented rise in the number of people working from home. Operating from remote locations has benefitted many industries through cost savings, reduced employee turnovers, increased efficiencies, and greater effectiveness of teamwork.

Working from remote locations cannot be possible without the use of effective technology and software. With a large number of remote working tools and applications available worldwide, it can sometimes become difficult for you to choose the best one for yourself.

For software houses too, the selection of the right remote working tools and applications can enhance their productivity tremendously. Enabling you to move faster, they allow you to produce the best output without compromising on quality.

To enlighten you further here are the 5 best remote working tools and resources for software houses.


Best for communication, this program is best for software companies that work in a fully remote employee environment. Making this your own virtual office, you get to share information and data through direct messaging and interactive chatrooms. Slack provides you the power to organize your chats around specific topics and discuss openly with other members of the platform.

It is available for both mobile devices and desktops.


Ideal for working on projects collaboratively, Trello enables you to use common boards with lists and cards that contain tons of data and information like checklists, links, deadlines, images, and much more.

With flexibility and compatibility with both desktops and mobiles, software houses can use this program to help teams share their project information and data constructively.


With no other better program for on-the-go software development, Github is undoubtedly a must-have for all software houses working remotely. It offers features and applications that allow developers to work collaboratively in teams on software projects from its inception to completion.

Enabling team members to propose changes, review codes, workflow automation, and other similar activities, it has the capability of integrating with other remote working tools to enhance effectiveness and efficiency.


A graphic design program that helps you in the creation of images and pictures with ease and creativity, Canva is a perfect solution for remote software designing and development.

Ideally suitable for blog posting, presentations, posters and logo designing, and social media graphics development, Canva can help software development teams work on several visual contents and data.

It is free for usage by individuals and small teams.

Google Drive

Undoubtedly a great technological revolution for remote working environments, Google drive provides team members the ability to store stuff on a common platform. You can share documents, information, and data of all types and work on a project together without any obstruction in accessing the stored resources.

Being cost-effective and simple to use, it has a very user-friendly interface and allows you to integrate with other google based tools and applications.

For teamwork, this is the best way to work in separate locations but sharing everything you do with other members as well.