13 Aug, 2023

How to Approach a Client for Website Design and Development

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Technology and innovation have become key success factors for almost all types of businesses and companies operating around the world. Whether you are a start-up venture or an existing conglomerate, having a digital presence has become essential for every company.

Blurring the line between online and offline entities, all businesses may not require a website, but not having one will definitely hamper their ability to grow and expand successfully.

At LEADconcept, we believe in providing best digital solutions to our clients. With so much awareness and information all around, the task of approaching new clients and convincing them has already become a little easier but we still need to make some efforts for transforming our leads into actual clients.

Today, we are sharing some effective tips with you that we as a company use while approaching a client for web design and development services.

A Creative Business Portfolio

A web designer is like an artist. When you approach a client for work, you must have a creative and effective portfolio to showcase. Our company attracts clients by showing them the best projects and work that we have completed. This is the best way to convince them to do business with our company.

It is a proof of the talent and skills that we as company can provide to them and compels the client to move forward in a client service relationship.

An Effective And Attractive Website

Any company hoping to get web design and development clients fast must ensure that their own company website is a piece of art itself. This is exactly how our company LEADconcept has designed and developed our own website.

We have ensured that it is optimized with the latest design, functionality, technologies, and SEO techniques. With a high ranking and user-friendly online presence our website helps reflect a lot about the work and professional expertise that we can deliver to our potential clients.

Ensure Fast Deliveries

In today’s digital era, time is money. The faster you can come up with business solutions and design options for your potential clients, the greater your chances of getting profitable business from them.

LEADconcept ensures to fulfill their promised deadlines in a very punctual and efficient manner. We as a team try never to exceed the web design and development time that was quoted with our valuable web design clients.

We ensure that whenever we approach a client for work, this efficiency and speed factor is highlighted effectively. The aim is to make the potential client understand that our company will make their website in the shortest time possible.

Offer After Sales Services

Just like any other industry or product, web design clients also require after-sales maintenance and repair. Like a physical office space, your website may also need troubleshooting and problem solving from time to time.

Our marketing strategy for a web development company incorporates this aspect effectively. Every client we approach is offered a trustworthy and reliable customer support package. Whether there are navigation issues, broken links, new plugins, outdated design factors, or any other glitches, the client is assured of our excellent back up services.

Actively Pursue Potential Clients

Whether you are a web design company or a custom web and mobile app development company, you will need to make active marketing efforts to attract customers.

Our company LEADconcept also follows a similar proactive strategy. Looking at the jobs and projects on various social media platforms, job boards, freelancers, and other similar websites we approach the potential clients with our best expertise and services.