19 Sep, 2023

How To Make Custom Icon For Android

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Designing and developing a mobile app can be relatively easy but making people download it and use it may not be so simple. Every android app that you make must be marketed and promoted for success. Having an attractive name, a decent description, and a unique app icon are some of the factors that contribute positively towards its success.

According to a global survey, an average mobile user downloads almost 40 apps on his or her mobile. To make your app stand out among all these, you need to come up with a unique custom icon. You may use an android app icon generator or any other available software for the purpose.

A good icon design plays a vital role in the overall success of an app. It is just like branding a logo. Here are tips by our experts at Lead Concept, on how to make custom android app icons.

Distinctive and Bold

With so many android applications and software being created every year, your icon should be very unique, creative, and bold. Looking at it people should be able to differentiate it from all others. It should be simple and easy to memorize for recognition.

Incorporating the purpose of your app in your icon is very effective but you should ensure visual ease. With too many characters or a complicated design, an icon will lose its appeal especially because of its small size.

Refrain from Using Photograph

Using real-life images and photos should be avoided when creating custom icons for your app. Even if you think the image perfectly describes what you are looking for, you should work on modifying it into a vector version.

The key is to get inspiration from the photo and come up with your own illustrated icon design.

Avoid Using Too Many Colors, Text, and Detailing

When designing an app icon, one should keep in mind that it will appear in a very small size on your mobile screen. Hence using too many details and colors will only make it visually hard to comprehend.

As a principle, you should ensure not to use too many colors in your icon and not overload it with intricate design. Because of the tiny size, do not use writings or words in it too.

The simpler the design and the fewer the colors, the icon will become more attractive and create stronger brand recognition and retention.

Ensure the Right Size

Every android app icon size needs to have an appropriate measurement to be eligible for the android store to market it. While designing you should ensure that your icon compiles with the size requirements.

It is also important to have a look at your icon and see how it would look on a mobile screen.

Final Thoughts

There are a number of softwares and programs available that offer free icons for app development. But you should keep in mind that an icon plays a vital role in the success of the app. So, choose and create wisely, keeping in mind the above-mentioned tips.