03 Feb, 2023

How We Measure and Improve Job Satisfaction at LEADconcept

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I’m sure few people would disagree with me if I said that people are the most valuable resource of any organization..

Several studies and researches on global levels have proven my statement. The wellness and satisfaction of the employees directly influence their personal productivity, organizational performance, and ultimately the overall success of the business.

At LEADconcept, we believe that our employees are the heart and soul of our services. Without them, it would be hard to foster an environment of progress and growth and provide satisfaction to our customers.

Let’s have a look at how we measure and improve job satisfaction at LEADconcept.

Measuring Job Satisfaction at LEADconcept

One To One Conversations

It might seem a little overwhelming, but believe me, it has extraordinary results. Every team leader or functional head makes sure to have scheduled one on one meetings and conversations with the people working immediately below him.

Depending upon the workload, these meetings are arranged weekly, monthly, and quarterly and helps the managers assess the level of satisfaction and motivation of the employee.

Formal Surveys

Not always but sometimes these feedback surveys are a great way to gain insight into the employee’s thought process. Some people find it difficult to express themselves personally in front of the leaders.

So, at LEADconcept we conduct regular employee satisfaction surveys that contain questions about salaries, bonuses, benefits, coworkers, team leads, senior leaders, work quality, and environment.

There are actual questions about your feelings about moving out or joining another organization if you had the opportunity.

These surveys are mostly anonymous to gain the honest and candid opinion of the employees and take the fear of being singled out away from them.

Improving Job Satisfaction at LEADconcept

What is the point of gauging employee satisfaction if you are not going to do anything about it? Well, we are not the same at LEADconcept.

We utilize the results of our regular surveys, meetings, and “reading between the lines” expert analysis, and have employed several effective ways to improve employee’s job satisfaction.

Team Building Activities

We love to work in teams. We believe that synergies of skills create the best outputs. To reduce friction between our employees, we arrange periodic team building activities that include informal get-gathers, gaming sessions, movie nights, and retreat weekends.

Recognize Achievements

We believe that employees who do well need to be recognized for their efforts. Using regular award and certification processes, we make sure to appreciate them for their achievements and make them recognized in the company.

Benefits and Bonuses

Who does not like to have some extra cash? The motivation of employees is directly proportional to the remuneration and benefits they get for their services and work.

At LEADconcept, we ensure that each employee is paid in accordance with the qualification and skills he offers, his job performance, and industry standards.

Occasional bonuses and perks are always on top of our job satisfaction improvement techniques.

Regular Appraisals

Gauging an employee for the work he has done and giving him feedback for his performance is very important for job satisfaction.

We carry out regular performance appraisals to identify and recognize the efforts of our valuable employees.

Satisfied Employees are the Key to Our Success

At LEADconcept, every leader and manager understands the importance of keeping their teams happy and motivated. Working productively and actively to improve employee satisfaction, we work hard to reduce employee turnover, increase personal productivity and make the company stronger and resilient.