08 May, 2023

Top Web Design and Development Trends 2021

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One of the fastest-changing elements of the virtual world of the internet is web design and development. With constant advancements in programming languages, the evolution of design directions, and flickering preferences of consumers and internet users, these shifting trends in web design and development are unavoidable.

If you want to keep abreast with the latest trends and make your website outshine the others, then you need to incorporate the evolving changes in the web design and development of your online existence.

Here are some of the top web design and development trends of 2021.

Progressive Web Apps or PWAs

These are web applications that offer a collective package with the best characteristics of mobile apps as well as web apps. Websites that are designed and built using this technology are available on any browser and have the potential to provide the highest quality user experience close to a native app.

Easy to set up and sustain, PWAs provide web developers the simplicity to work with only one web app instead of dealing with different apps for different mobile platforms.

Single Page Apps or SPAs

Reflective of its name, this is a web app that has one page only. Without navigating to a new URL you can load new data whenever you click on any element of the website. Accordingly, the page refreshes rather than shifting to a new URL.

The highlight of this web design and development trend is that it provides a smooth and simple user experience for the consumers. With small hiccups here and there, many developers today are opting for this approach towards web design and development.

Artificial Intelligence and Bots

With constant advancement and growth, the demand for AI-powered websites and applications is bound to increase in 2021. Using chatbots and virtual assistants, website owners will be able to improve customer experiences and the efficiency of the website.

Adding convenience and instant ability to engage the consumers, AI allows people to start their website interaction right from the moment they land on the web page.

Through fast responses and effective communication, this helps creates strong mutually beneficial relationships. Bots that collect data from users help website owners come up with the best solutions to different types of problems.

Motion User Interface or MUI

The use of graphics and animations on websites makes them more attractive and eye-catching for the users. When you land on a page that has moving objects, video-graphics, or animations, you spend a little more time looking around and getting engaged.

Helping you attract more productive traffic, Motion User Interface is now becoming essential for every website owner.

Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMPs

In a fast-moving world, where time has become critical for every aspect of the business world, faster versions of mobile websites and pages are becoming more and more popular among consumers.

These accelerated mobile pages are quick to download as compared with regular HTML pages. They save you time, are best for search engine optimizations, and have higher efficiency of loading and unloading data and information on a portal.